Webinar: How to Make a Long Term Passive Income Online - In 30 days or less (Guaranteed!)

From: Mark Ling
Subject: Today's 'How to Make a Long Term Passive Income Online' Webinar

Dear Friends,

Today I'm running a free training webinar with internet millionaire and online success coach Adam Short.

I highly recommend that you take part in this because Adam has successfully taught thousands of students to make a full time passive income online (including total newbies) and he has potentially life-changing information to share with you on this webinar.
On this webinar you'll discover many powerful secrets that you can implement right away, including:
How to create simple 5 to 10 page "under the radar" content web sites (that don't look like they sell anything at all) - that each generate between $500 and $1,500 a month (on 100% autopilot)... even if you've never built a website before!
How to find red-hot profitable online niches
How to tap into an unlimited source of free, profit-producing search engine traffic that naturally increases over time - without ever having to pay a single penny for it (using the revolutionary MoneyWord Matrix) - Plus how to superglue your pages to the top of the search engines...
Convert all of that free traffic into money using the brutally effective Silent Sales Machines technique, that'll get you an astronomical 5-10% conversion rate on complete autopilot...
Build a massive opt-in list (without even trying) and create a buying frenzy at will...
How to create "gold standard" information products for dirt cheap using a 2-step car manufacturing process (believe it or not) - that will cut down your costs by 70%, yet be triple the quality...
Automate this entire process so it's a true set-it-and-forget-it, economically bullet-proof autopilot income stream that runs 24/7...
If you've never been on a webinar with me before, they're great because you get to learn from the comfort of your home computer.

Note: Due to so many people emailing requesting that I run this webinar again, I've decided to run it again today at the times listed below:

Update: This webinar is now over, please go HERE now to watch the replay. Don't miss out, this video will only be online for a short time.

There is no better time than TODAY for you to start growing and ramping up your own passive income online.

I look forward to hearing your success stories in the future!

Kind regards,

Mark Ling
Who Is Mark Ling?
Mark Ling has been a full time internet marketer for 12 years. He first started out as an affiliate earning commissions promoting other people's products, and later he moved into creating his own products as well as continuing to earn huge commissions as an affiliate every week.

While he has been teaching personal develoment success and internet marketing secrets for over 5 years now. He considers himself a niche marketer and has had huge success online promoting and creating products in many different niches including learn piano, dating tips for men and women, wholesale sourcing, dog training, language learning, daycare management software and many more.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind webinar today.